Are cybersquatters invading your association’s personal space?

It’s a scam.

People register similar domains to existing websites and try to get you to pay a premium to buy them.

They register domains for about $1 and they are offering it for sale for US$1000!

It really doesn’t effect association; it is all about the fear factor.

The sites tend to disappear and internet searches don’t point people to those sites anyway (there is not relevant information on the site).

If someone put up a site that actually purported to be your association, we could then report the site to domain authority for removal.

That is a nuisance but we can take action. Unfortunately we can’t register the thousands of combination of isana to prevent the possibility.

The real danger is more likely to be engagiung with the scammers and paying their demands.

What to do

If it is offer to buy, do nothing other than hit delete. Don’t engage.

If there is a website purporting to be your association you need to act. Start by contacting the relevant domain authourity. Contact the main search engines.

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